Author: Carla Abanes

Carla is a certified MS SQL database administrator that also doubles as cloud architect. She is experienced managing both AWS and Azure platforms. In her free time she loves to sit down with a good book and coffee.

SQL Server Resumable Index: Is it good for you?

Database development, Indexes

SQL 2017 introduced the ability to pause and resume index rebuild operations during database...
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T-SQL Scripts to Monitor your Resource Pool Stats

Languages & Coding, T-SQL

Imagine you have a business-critical MS SQL Server serving requests for both OLTP and some batch processing tasks, as data gets pulled by...
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SQL Server Replication Monitor: Scripts for Checking Replication Status

Database administration, Transaction Log

Replication is one of the oldest technologies on MS SQL Server, loved by every database administrator. It is a great and reliable...
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How to Connect to Azure SQL Database Securely

Azure, Cloud

As a database administrator, I started my journey in deploying managed SQL databases on the cloud,...
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