T-SQL Scripts to Monitor your Resource Pool Stats

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Imagine you have a business-critical MS SQL Server serving requests for both OLTP and some batch processing tasks, as data gets pulled by another team. That might be reporting services or extracting data to push to another data warehousing environment, or else. Under this scenario, your SQL Server is treating numerous requests from multiple applications. This in turn affects overall performance and can impact higher priority tasks.

CodingSight - Monitor your Resource Pool Stats
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How to Connect to Azure SQL Database Securely

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As a database administrator, I started my journey in deploying managed SQL databases on the cloud, and I highly recommend deploying Azure SQL.

Azure SQL belongs to the family of managed resources on the Azure cloud platform that runs the very familiar SQL Server engine. For most of these database resources, the Microsoft Azure platform takes care of the management, scalability, reliability, and performance recommendations. It also provides the underlying infrastructure to run the SQL Server database engine. Thus, the database administrator can focus on other aspects of work in the cloud.

CodingSight - How to Connect Azure  SQL Database Securely
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