Author: Edwin Sanchez

Software developer and project manager with a total of 20+ years of software development. His most recent technology preferences include C#, SQL Server BI Stack, Power BI, and Sharepoint. Edwin combines his technical knowledge with his most recent content writing skills to help new breed of technology enthusiasts.

The Easy Guide on How to Use Subqueries in SQL Server

Database development, Statements • One Comment

Do you use SQL subqueries or avoid using them? Let’s say the chief credit and collections officer...
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4 Out-of-the-Box SQL Data Conversion Methods and Use Cases

Database administation, Work with data

First of all, you can’t do without them, right? SQL data conversions or, more specifically, data type conversions are an essential part...
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7 Facts About SQL Server Synonyms You Should Know

Database administation, Database Optimization & Structure

Before SQL Server Synonyms appeared, everyone wished to simplify and enhance their database experience. Imagine you have an application...
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