Author: Josip Saban

An experienced database developer and software manager with more than 15 years in the field, both in corporate and start-up environments. Josip has strong problem-solving skills and a proven track-record of successfully implementing strategic solutions to meet changing business needs, combined with the ability to build key relationships and communicate well with stakeholders, most of it in finance industry. Focused on Microsoft tool stack, specifically SQL Server, especially in data warehouse modelling and development. from version 2000 to latest versions. He is interested in database architect and engineering management positions, with strong affinity to data-driven industries.

SQL Server JSON – Part 2

10:31 JSON, Languages & Coding

Introduction In the previous article, we covered the basics of JSON and showed how to use JSON in...
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SQL Server User-defined Functions

10:35 Database administation, Database Optimization & Structure

User-defined functions in SQL Server (UDFs) are key objects that each developer should be aware of. Although they are very useful in many...
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JSON for SQL Server. Part 1

14:25 JSON, Languages & Coding

In the last few years, JSON has positioned itself as a standard data exchange format between services, although XML is still widely used....
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Dynamic SQL Execution in SQL Server

09:56 Database development, Statements, Stored Procedures

Dynamic SQL is a statement constructed and executed at runtime, usually containing dynamically...
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Storing Binary Data Types in SQL Server

11:27 Database administation, Work with data

Introduction Daily work rarely requires storing binary data directly to database columns. However, it is very useful in some cases....
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Implementing Error and Transactions Handling in SQL Server

11:12 Database administation, Troubleshooting Issues

Introduction No matter how hard we try to design and develop applications, errors will always occur. There are two general categories –...
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