Author: Prashanth Jayaram

Prashanth Jayaram is working as a DB Manager for a leading MNC, Database Technologist, Author, Blogger, Automation Expert, Technet WIKI Ninja, and Powershell Geek.

How to Use Default and Custom Widgets in SQL Server Operations Studio

Tools & technologies, Utilities & Extensions

There are already a number of articles and blog posts that reveal the benefits of the SQL...
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Understanding the Importance of Memory Setting in SQL Server

Database administation, Memory Optimization

Memory is one among the resources forming the performance triangle—CPU and storage being the other two. If one is hit, the other two take...
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SQL Server – Dissect the Internals of sp_spaceused

Database development, Stored Procedures

This article is an effort to dissect the output of the sp_spaceused stored procedure. Introduction Understanding the database usage...
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