Automatic gathering of SQL Server configuration by using PowerShell

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At present, the gathering of SQL Server configuration information is no longer a problem— the opportunities to add value through an update and to build a stable database environment exist permanently. Most of the third party tools provide the appropriate functionality in order to capture the software market. Through this guide, you’ll figure out the ways to capture few SQL Server configurations and manipulate the data by using PowerShell.

Moreover, you will get the answers to the following questions:

  • How to gather SQL Server configuration
  • How to automatically discover SQL instances
  • How to manually input the SQL Server instances to speed up the process
  • How to transform data by using PowerShell
  • And more…

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Overview of Data Compression in SQL Server

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The database is a critical and vital part of any business or organization.  The growing trends predict that 82% of enterprises expect the number of databases to increase over the next 12 months. A major challenge of every DBA is to discover how to tackle massive data growth, and this is going to be a most important goal. How can you increase database performance, lower costs, and eliminate downtime to give your users the best experience possible? Is data compression is an option? Let’s get started and see how some of the existing features can be useful to handle such situations.

In this article, we are going to learn how the data compression solution can help us optimize the data management solution. In this guide, we’ll cover the following topics:

  • An overview of compression
  • Benefits of compression
  • An outline about data is compression techniques
  • Discussion of various types of data compression
  • Facts about data compression
  • Implementation considerations
  • and more…

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Importance of transaction log in SQL Server

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Transaction logs are a vital and important component of database architecture. In this article, we’ll discuss SQL Server transaction logs, importance, and their role in the database migration.


Let’s talk about different options for taking SQL Server backups. SQL Server supports three different types of Backups.
1. Full
2. Differential
3. Transaction-log

Before jumping into transaction-log concepts, let’s discuss other basic backup types in SQL Server. Read More

Overview of DMV Tool using DBFS FUSE with Docker Containers on Linux Machine – PART2

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After reading this article, you will be able to the following:

  1. Create a Linux Docker container using the Docker commands.
  2. Perform required configuration change to setup Docker.
  3. Install DBFS FUSE and related dependent packages.
  4. Mount the file-system and data extraction procedures using the configuration file.
  5. Run DBFS program to run custom SQL queries.
  6. Push Docker container image to GitHub repository.
  7. And more…

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Overview of DMV Tool using DBFS FUSE with Docker Containers on Linux Machine- PART1

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This article is intended for database administrators and system administrators who plan to configure the DBFS FUSE file-system on a Linux machine using the Docker containers. I would recommend reading the previous articles “Introduction to Docker and Docker toolbox” and “Docker and SQL Server on Linux”. This article assumes that the reader has a rough knowledge of the Docker Containers and SQL Server. Read More

Understanding Data Sharing in SQL Server Docker Containers

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In the previous articles, “Introduction to Docker and Docker Toolbox” and “Docker and SQL Server on Linux“, we discussed a lot about SQL Server Docker containers. As you should know by now, instantiating SQL images is very simple and pretty straightforward thing with the Docker containers.

This article talks about shared volumes and the preferred mechanism for data persistence using the Docker containers. Read More

Introduction to Docker and Docker Toolbox

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The article gives some knowledge about getting started and utilizing Docker containers. The focus is all about understanding  Docker and its basics. Once you start grasping the basics and learn to use them, you will easily understand how to use Docker with other products.

In this article, we are going to review the following points:

  1. Introduction to Docker
  2. Pre-requisites to be done for the installation
  3. Installation of Docker toolbox on Windows
  4. Basics on getting started with Docker
  5. Main docker commands to be used
  6. Methods to build Ubuntu images from the docker hub repository
  7. And much more…

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Docker and SQL Server on Linux

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SQL Server 2017 is the biggest release and most important releases in the Microsoft product history simply because of the freedom that it gives to install the product anywhere. The advent of the Docker containers and growing emphasis on open source solutions opened the door to greater technological innovation and advancement.

This article discusses the following topics:

  1. Introduction to Docker container
  2. Pre-requisite to build Docker container
  3. A walkthrough of the setup process to build a SQL Server instance running on the Linux CentOS and in a Docker container
  4. How to connect to the database engine
  5. How to connect to the database engine externally
  6. And more…

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Getting Started with Mssql-cli Command-Line Query Tool

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A recent announcement on the release of several SQL Server tools has raised expectations across various groups. Product requirements and business are almost always a trade-off, and striking the right balance in a product in terms of the toolset is a sign of a successful product. After testing the SQL Operations Studio, I feel that it’s a promising tool for many developers, administrators, and DevOps specialists. In my opinion, the mssql-cli tool adds another feature to SQL Server in order to make it a leading database product.

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Getting Started with SQL Server 2017 on Linux in the Azure portal

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SQL Server 2017 now is considered as a hybrid database enterprise solution as it expands its market and is ported to other operating system platforms. It also includes mainstream support for Linux machines. The Cloud makes the life of administrator much easier, now it’s no longer daunting task to configure the SQL Server instance. The easiest way to explore SQL Server on Linux is to provision a virtual machine through Microsoft Azure portal – The Linux azure virtual machine will come pre-configured with Linux and SQL Server 2017.

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