Author: Prashanth Jayaram

Prashanth Jayaram is working as a DB Manager for a leading MNC, Database Technologist, Author, Blogger, Automation Expert, Technet WIKI Ninja, and Powershell Geek.

Automatic gathering of SQL Server configuration by using PowerShell

11:34 Languages & Coding, PowerShell

At present, the gathering of SQL Server configuration information is no longer a problem— the...
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Overview of Data Compression in SQL Server

12:00 Database administation, Work with data

The database is a critical and vital part of any business or organization.  The growing trends predict that 82% of enterprises expect...
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Importance of transaction log in SQL Server

19:00 Database administation, Transaction Log

Transaction logs are a vital and important component of database architecture. In this article, we’ll discuss SQL Server transaction...
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Overview of DMV Tool using DBFS FUSE with Docker Containers on Linux Machine – PART2

11:31 Containers, Docker, Tools & technologies

After reading this article, you will be able to the following: Create a Linux Docker container...
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Overview of DMV Tool using DBFS FUSE with Docker Containers on Linux Machine- PART1

20:22 Containers, Docker, Tools & technologies

This article is intended for database administrators and system administrators who plan to configure the DBFS FUSE file-system on a Linux...
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Understanding Data Sharing in SQL Server Docker Containers

17:03 Containers, Docker, Tools & technologies

In the previous articles, “Introduction to Docker and Docker Toolbox” and “Docker and SQL Server on Linux“, we...
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Introduction to Docker and Docker Toolbox

11:00 Containers, Docker, Tools & technologies

The article gives some knowledge about getting started and utilizing Docker containers. The focus...
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Docker and SQL Server on Linux

14:30 Containers, Docker, Tools & technologies

SQL Server 2017 is the biggest release and most important releases in the Microsoft product history simply because of the freedom that it...
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Getting Started with Mssql-cli Command-Line Query Tool

17:58 Code Management, Tools & technologies

A recent announcement on the release of several SQL Server tools has raised expectations across various groups. Product requirements...
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Getting Started with SQL Server 2017 on Linux in the Azure portal

11:11 Azure, Cloud, Database development

SQL Server 2017 now is considered as a hybrid database enterprise solution as it expands its...
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