Author: Timur Guev

Timur is an experienced C# developer. For last three years, Timur has been developing the KSS (Kaspesky Subscription Service) highload system with the C#, SQL Server, and Azure technologies. At loose hours, Timur is teaching mathematics.

Sorting in .NET

ASP .NET CORE, Languages & Coding • 4 Comments

Sorting is a typical task each programmer should be aware of. That’s why this article is...
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Aspects of Strings in .NET

Database administration, Work with data

The string data type is one of the most significant data types in any programming language. You can hardly write a useful program without...
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StringBuilder: the Past and the Future

Classes, Languages & Coding

In the previous article, I elaborated on peculiarities of string concatenation. In this article, I would like to consider the StringBuilder...
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The origin of GetHashCode in .NET

ASP .NET CORE, Frameworks, Languages & Coding • One Comment

This article is devoted to the GetHashCode method and the GetHashCode implementation in...
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Foreach or For – That is the Question

ASP .NET CORE, Languages & Coding, Performance Tuning • 2 Comments

The discussion about the preference difference between FOREACH and FOR is not new. We all know that FOREACH is slower, but not all know...
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Long Arithmetic from Microsoft

Computer Environment, Languages & Coding • One Comment

It is known, a computer can operate numbers with a limited number of bits. As a rule, we are accustomed to work with the 32-bit and 64-bit...
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Is string operator “+” so simple?

Database administration, Work with data • 3 Comments

Introduction A string data type is one of the fundamental data types, along with numeric (int,...
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Under the Hood of Stopwatch

Classes, Languages & Coding

Introduction As all developers, I often need to measure the execution time of my own (and not only my own) code. When I was a beginning...
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