Filtering Data in T-SQL

02:45 Languages & Coding, T-SQL

Introduction In most scenarios when working with data, users do not require all the data in each...
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01:45 Languages & Coding, T-SQL

In my previous article about T-SQL regular expressions, I have explained the LIKE operator, its usage and provided several examples with...
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Transact-SQL: Working With Strings

02:31 Languages & Coding, T-SQL

Microsoft SQL Server has many built-in functions that can be used to format the output and represents it in the desired format. In this...
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T-SQL Regular Expression: LIKE Operator and Its Use-Cases

02:45 Languages & Coding, T-SQL • One Comment

A Regular Expression (Regex) is a rule defining how characters can appear in an expression. In...
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Calculate the median by using Transact SQL

00:54 Languages & Coding, T-SQL

The statistical median is the value which separates a dataset into halves – one comprises greater values, and the other comprises...
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Auto Create Statistics and Auto Update Statistics

01:12 Languages & Coding, SSMS, T-SQL, Tools & technologies

Statistics comprises lightweight objects that are used by SQL Server Query optimizer to determine the optimal way to retrieve data from the...
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T-SQL SET Operators Part 2: INTERSECT and EXCEPT

02:58 Database development, Statements, T-SQL

In my previous article, I explained the basics of set operators, their types, and prerequisites for...
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How to Properly Use the T-SQL IsNumeric Function

03:17 Languages & Coding, T-SQL

This article is focused on the T-SQL (Transact-SQL) IsNumeric function and its proper use in day-to-day SQL scripting tasks. We will also...
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Advanced SQL: Variations and Different Use cases of T-SQL Insert Statement

00:07 Database development, Languages & Coding, Statements, T-SQL

In my previous article, I demonstrated: Insert the output of the table-valued function in the SQL table. Insert the output of the...
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Basic and Complex Uses of Not Equal Comparison Operator in T-SQL

00:15 Languages & Coding, T-SQL

This article is focused on the T-SQL Not Equal comparison operator (<>) and its uses in basic...
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