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A Deeper Dive into AWS IAM

11:22 AWS, Cloud

In this article, we are going to explore the Identity and Access Management concepts available in Amazon Web Services. Abbreviated as IAM,...
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SQL Cheat Sheet: What is SQL, SQL Commands, and SQL Injection

11:04 Database development, Statements

Using Structured Query Language (SQL) can seem complicated at first, but further, it will become easier and much more convenient. You only...
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Restoring SQL Server Data Warehouse Sample Database AdventureWorksDW2019 Using Azure Data Studio

11:01 Azure, Cloud

I explained a step-by-step process to restore the data warehouse sample database AdventureWorks DW in my last article. AdventureWorks DW...
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SQL JOINs Tutorial with Examples

10:18 Database development, Statements

In this article, we are going to takes a close look at SQL Server JOINs. We will review all supported SQL Server JOIN types with syntax,...
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SQL Server Triggers – Part 2 DDL & LOGON Triggers

14:26 Database development, Triggers

In SQL Server, triggers are database objects which will get executed whenever a triggering event happens on the database or server....
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