SQL Server Business Intelligence (BI) – Traditional Tools and Technologies

If Business Intelligence (BI) is in your focus, you need two things to be a success. They are the knowledge and tools. If you target the SQL Server BI, you can benefit from the tools and technologies offered by Microsoft for this case particularly.

The current article highlights these tools and technologies. We are going to explore how they work to design Microsoft-based BI solutions and clarify why it is so crucial to use the using proven tools for serving the BI needs of an organization.

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SQL Server Business Intelligence (BI) – Basic Understanding

In this article, we are going to clarify the fundamentals of Business Intelligence (BI) concepts with their benefits from the data utilization point of view, and explore the SQL Server-focused Business Intelligence solutions by practical examples and illustrations.

Before we discuss the particular issues related to SQL Server, let’s define the basic ideas of Business Intelligence (BI).

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