Prediction of Employee Attrition with Oracle Analytics

From the Customer Segmentation tutorial, you already know that Oracle Analytics provides several Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to solve the Supervised Learning and Unsupervised Learning problems with low-code required.

Prediction of Employee Attrition is one of such Supervised Learning problems. It is a popular use case that most organizations need to resolve to minimize the attrition rate. You train a model with a labeled dataset, and Employee is labeled Yes or No for Attrition in the dataset.

CodingSight - Prediction of Employee Attrition with Oracle Analytics
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ML{.NET} Introduction

Machine Learning (ML) has come from a buzzword that is nice to have in your application to a must-have feature that works and adds value. Data scientists develop ML models in various ML Frameworks like TensorFlow, Scikit-learn, PyTorch, Azure ML, etc. Before ML.NET became available to all developers, adding the ML functionality to .NET applications required knowledge in some ML frameworks to build and train ML models. It also demanded additional time and effort to integrate that model into .NET applications.

CodingSight - machine learning .NET
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