ODBC Driver for MySQL: How to Install and Set up Connection (Step-by-step)

This article focuses on the step-by-step processes of installing and configuring the ODBC driver for MySQL. In particular, it will cover the following issues:

  1. Installing the ODBC driver on Windows 10.
  2. Configuring the ODBC data source with ODBC driver for MySQL.
  3. Creating a basic list report with PowerBI that uses the ODBC driver for the data population from the MySQL database.
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Conditional Split Transformation: Export Data from SQL Server into Oracle and MySQL Databases

In this article, I have explained how we can divide and export data of SQL Server database table into Oracle and MySQL databases. That process is based on the condition defined in SSIS as “conditional split transformation”. Conditional split transformation is like case statement of any programming language. Using conditional, we can redirect the output of a component in multiple destinations that is based on a condition defined in the conditional split component. Read More