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Implementing OOP Inheritance in Classes that work with SQL and Entity Framework

12:49 Classes, Frameworks, Languages & Coding

This article is about creating a data model that would nicely fit SQL and contain...
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Key Indicators of Problem Design

12:34 .NET, Computer Environment, Database administation, Troubleshooting Issues

The concept of good or bad design is relative. At the same time, there are some programming standards, which in most cases guarantee...
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SOLID: Single Responsibility Principle

10:58 Computer Environment, Languages & Coding

In this article, I will try to describe one of the famous principles of the object oriented programming, that is a part of another famous...
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Composition and Interfaces in OOP World

12:15 Computer Environment, Languages & Coding

In the object-oriented programming world, the concept of inheritance has been criticized for a long...
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