Query Google’s Financial Service Using Oracle Data Integrator

RESTful API is a popular protocol for exchanging data between different applications and systems especially in Web applications. Most programming languages support calling RESTful API(s) to query data quickly. Oracle Data Integrator supports RESTful services for reading and writing data.

In this tutorial, we are using Oracle Data Integrator to query data from Google Financial Service for stock prices of various companies, returning results to JSON files. Then we’ll import the JSON file into Autonomous Database. Let’s have a closer look at this process.

CodingSight - Oracle Data Integrator to query data from Google Financial Service for stock prices
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Oracle Data Integrator Tutorial: How to Import Multiple Raw Files into Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

When you build an ETL / ELT enterprise system, you need the Data Integration tools, such as Microsoft SQL Server Integration Service, Oracle Data Integrator (ODI), Talend, etc. These tools help you to integrate, transform, and load data from the source to the destination location.

The current article is the Oracle Data Integrator tutorial, that will explain loading multiple datafiles into an Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW). This tool is an ELT (extract, load, transform) solution with a graphic interface, built by Oracle. It lets the users build, manage, and maintain the data integration process.

CodingSight - Importing Data into an Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse using Oracle Data Integrator

In our case study, the system receives the Sales data files from a database. The Oracle Data Integrator needs to pick up all data files to load into the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.  

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