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Simplifying Unit Testing Main Stored Procedure Which Also Calls a Utility Procedure

Database development, Stored Procedures, Testing

This article provides a walkthrough of database unit testing a stored procedure which contains a...
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Jump to Start Test-Driven Database Development (TDDD)

Database development

As a rule, we start to develop database solutions by creating database objects, such as tables, views, stored procedures, etc., based on...
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Replacement of Algorithm Testing with Testing of Effects Being Inserted

Languages & Coding, Testing

As I expected, Rule 8 from the article “Rules for Implementing TDD in Old Project” stating that we don’t need to test the...
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Rules for Implementing TDD in Old Project

Database development, Testing

The article “Sliding Responsibility of the Repository Pattern” raised several...
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Lightweight Code Review

Code Management, Tools & technologies • One Comment

This is the third article in a series of articles that describe code review process. In this part, we will have a look at the lightweight...
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