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Simplifying Unit Testing Main Stored Procedure Which Also Calls a Utility Procedure

15:17 Database development, Stored Procedures, Testing

This article provides a walkthrough of database unit testing a stored procedure which contains a...
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Unit Testing Report Procedures – Jump to Start TDDD Part-4

08:11 Database development, Testing

This article is a walk-through of creating a stored procedure through test-driven database development (TDDD) in order to meet a reporting...
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Jump to Start Test-Driven Database Development (TDDD) – Part 3

09:36 Database development

This article is a walk-through of creating a report base on a database object developed and tested by using test-driven development (TDDD)....
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Jump to Start Test-Driven Database Development (TDDD) – Part 2

15:49 Database development

We discussed the basics of test-driven database development (TDDD) with examples and compared it...
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Art of Isolating Dependencies and Data in Database Unit Testing

14:29 Database administation, Database development, Testing, Work with data

All the database developers more or less write database unit tests that not only help in detecting bugs early but also save a lot of time...
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Rules for Implementing TDD in Old Project

13:28 Database development, Testing

The article “Sliding Responsibility of the Repository Pattern” raised several questions, which are very difficult to...
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Why Using Unit Tests is a Great Investment into High-Quality Architecture

08:07 Database development, Testing • 2 Comments

I have decided to write this article in order to show that unit tests are not only a tool to...
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SQL Server Unit Testing with tSQLt Framework

09:21 Frameworks, Languages & Coding, Testing

In this article, we will talk about the tSQLt framework — a free database unit testing framework for Microsoft SQL Server. You...
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