Tag: visual studio

How to Document Your SQL Server Database

00:26 Database development, Visual Studio

The process of documenting a SQL Server database is a complete and continuous process that should...
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New Features in Visual Studio 2019

23:50 Tools & technologies, Visual Studio

Microsoft has recently released the preview version of Visual Studio 2019. Like all previous editions, the latest Visual Studio comes with...
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How to Test Azure Web Application Performance through Microsoft Azure and Visual Studio

16:39 Azure, Cloud, Tools & technologies, Visual Studio

Before deploying your application into production, doing a performance load test is imperative for measuring future performance and ensure...
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GitHub for Windows Users

14:25 Tools & technologies, Visual Studio

If your project is stored only on your disk, then you are in for trouble when the disk fails. Even...
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Using npm, Webpack, and TypeScript to create simple ASP.NET Core web app

09:57 Computer Environment, Languages & Coding • 2 Comments

Introduction I write this tutorial primarily to demonstrate how to quickly create a simple application with support for npm, Webpack, and...
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Effective Use of Classes in .NET

11:15 Classes, Languages & Coding

When you need to learn a programming language, you buy a book. From books, we learn basics of the language and how to program, but this is...
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