Tag: windows

Learn to Store and Analyze Documents on Windows File System with SQL Server Semantic Search – Part 1

10:05 Database administation, Search

The article examines storing unstructured data using native windows directory structure and...
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SQL Server 2019 New Features

10:44 Database development

Microsoft’s leading database is an essential tool, with in-cloud and on-premises versions providing incredible storage and analytic...
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Introduction to Docker and Docker Toolbox

11:00 Containers, Docker, Tools & technologies

The article gives some knowledge about getting started and utilizing Docker containers. The focus is all about understanding  Docker and...
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Docker and SQL Server on Linux

14:30 Containers, Docker, Tools & technologies

SQL Server 2017 is the biggest release and most important releases in the Microsoft product history...
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Microsoft SQL Operations Studio: Understanding and Installation

15:11 Tools & technologies, Utilities & Extensions

SQL Server Management Studio is considered as the default integrated graphical user interface tool that has been used for many years to...
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GitHub for Windows Users

14:25 Tools & technologies, Visual Studio

If your project is stored only on your disk, then you are in for trouble when the disk fails. Even a regular backup will not always save...
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