Author: Kenneth Igiri

Kenneth Igiri is an Enterprise Architect with eProcess International S.A., Ecobank Group's Shared Services Centre. Kenneth has over fifteen years' experience in Information Technology with nine of those years focused on SQL Server and Oracle databases. His interests include Database Performance, HADR, Cloud Computing, Data Architecture and Enterprise Architecture. Asides from work, Kenneth teaches at Children's Church, writes faith-based fiction and helps small businesses grow. You can connect with Kenneth via his blog, LinkedIn, or on

Fundamentals of Managing Datafiles in SQL Server

Database administration, Work with data

Introduction Datafiles are physical objects that constitute the most important part of the database...
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Use Cases for SQL Server MERGE Statement: Syncing Online and History Tables

Database development, SQL Server, Statements, Tables

INTRODUCTION The SQL Server MERGE statement is an incredibly useful tool for carrying out DML operations based on comparing two tables or...
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Add Columns to an Existing Table in SQL Server Database

Database development, Tables

Introduction A table is a two-dimensional logical structure and the fundamental means of storing data in relational database management...
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Using SQL Server Configuration Manager

Tools & technologies, Utilities & Extensions

Introduction SQL Server Configuration Manager is a part of SQL Server Suite, allowing us to...
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Views in SQL Server

Database development, Views

Introduction A view in SQL Server is a virtual table-like structure based on the result-set of an SQL statement. On the surface, a view is...
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Using CASE Expressions in SQL Server

Database development, Statements

Introduction CASE Expressions in SQL Server are used for the column values substitution to present the result sets in a particular fashion...
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Seven Secrets in SSMS for Developers

SSMS, Tools & technologies

SQL Server Management Studio is Microsoft’s primary client tool for interacting with SQL Server....
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SQL Server Inner Join Basics with Examples

Database development, T-SQL, Tables

Introduction T-SQL allows us to combine records from more than one table and return them as a single result set. This is achieved through...
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Deploying a Database on Azure SQL

Azure, Cloud

Introduction Azure SQL Database is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offered by Microsoft Azure. Hence, you need the Azure subscription to use...
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Deploying a Certificate for Encrypted Connection SQL Server

Database administration, Security

Introduction Last year we got a requirement to ensure encrypted connections to our SQL Server...
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