Author: Kenneth Igiri

Kenneth Igiri is an Enterprise Architect with eProcess International S.A., Ecobank Group's Shared Services Centre. Kenneth has over fifteen years' experience in Information Technology with nine of those years focused on SQL Server and Oracle databases. His interests include Database Performance, HADR, Cloud Computing, Data Architecture and Enterprise Architecture. Asides from work, Kenneth teaches at Children's Church, writes faith-based fiction and helps small businesses grow. You can connect with Kenneth via his blog, LinkedIn, or on

Workplace Encounters: Reclaiming Space from an Oversized Database

04:37 Database administation, Memory Optimization

INTRODUCTION This document records steps, scripts, and ideology behind the maintenance performed on...
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A Simple Use Case for Indexes on Primary Keys

17:13 Database administation, Database development, Indexes, Perfomance Tuning, SQL Server • 3 Comments

Introduction Recently we encountered an interesting performance problem on one of our SQL Server databases that process transactions at a...
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Simple SQL Server Functions to Solve Real-World Problems

09:33 Database development, Statements

Introduction Today’s article comes from a scenario we experienced in practice some time ago. We managed a card transaction system...
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SQL Server TRIM, LTRIM, and RTRIM Functions

16:51 Database development, Statements

The TRIM function of SQL Server is designed to remove leading and trailing whitespaces from a...
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Basics of SQL Server Transaction Log

18:26 Database administation, Transaction Log

What is a Transaction Log? There is a requirement in relational database systems that transactions must be durable. This is “D” in the...
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MIN and MAX Aggregate Functions in SQL Server

11:03 Database development, Statements

SQL Server Functions In database systems in general and in SQL Server in particular, functions are pieces of code that take zero or one...
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Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition Limitations and Versions

14:36 Code Management, Tools & technologies

What is SQL Server Express? SQL Server Express Edition is a free edition of SQL Server. Microsoft...
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Moving SQL Server Table to Different Filegroup

12:37 Database development, Tables

Introduction A table is a logical structure. When you create a table, you typically would not care which drives it sits on at the storage...
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Fundamentals of Managing Datafiles in SQL Server

20:23 Database administation, Work with data

Introduction Datafiles are physical objects that constitute the most important part of the database system since they contain actual data....
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Use Cases for SQL Server MERGE Statement: Syncing Online and History Tables

18:44 Database development, SQL Server, Statements, Tables

INTRODUCTION The SQL Server MERGE statement is an incredibly useful tool for carrying out DML...
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