Author: Kenneth Igiri

Kenneth Igiri is an Enterprise Architect with eProcess International S.A., Ecobank Group's Shared Services Centre. Kenneth has over fifteen years' experience in Information Technology with nine of those years focused on SQL Server and Oracle databases. His interests include Database Performance, HADR, Cloud Computing, Data Architecture and Enterprise Architecture. Asides from work, Kenneth teaches at Children's Church, writes faith-based fiction and helps small businesses grow. You can connect with Kenneth via his blog, LinkedIn, or on

Consolidating SQL Server Instance by Clustering and Stacking

Database administration, Performance Tuning

NOTES: Windows Failover Clustering comprising two nodes. Two SQL Server Failover Cluster Instances....
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Configuring Heterogeneous Database Replication – SQL Server to Oracle

Database administration, Database Optimization & Structure

Introduction SQL Server Replication is an SQL Server feature that allows us to transfer data from one instance to another for such purposes...
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Exploring SQL Server 2016 Query Store GUI

Database development, Statements

Introduction Query store is a new feature, introduced in SQL Server 2016, that allows database administrators to historically review...
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SQL Server TempDB Monitoring by Using Dynamic Management Views (DMV)

Database development, Views

What is TempDB in MS SQL Server? TempDB is a system database in Microsoft SQL Server used as a...
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