Author: Mohammed Moinudheen

Mohammed Moinudheen is working as a Database Engineer in a leading IT company in New Zealand. He has been working on SQL Server mainly as a Database Administrator (DBA) since 2005. He is interested in trying out new SQL features and also gets more exposure to cloud services, especially to Azure. He has regularly contributed to SQL Server websites on various topics.

Collation in SQL Server

Database administration, Work with data • One Comment

Introduction You must have already heard the term “Collation” in SQL Server. Collation is a...
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SQL Vulnerability Assessment

SSMS, Tools & technologies

SQL Vulnerability Assessment is a feature available in the latest versions of SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). This feature is very...
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SQL Data Discovery and Classification

Database administration, SSMS, Work with data

With the recent data protection laws and the implementation of GDPR last year, it is imperative for us to know the type of data our...
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Overview of DBCC SHRINKFILE Command

Database administration, Database development, Statements, Troubleshooting Issues

Running DBCC Shrink commands is quite a controversial issue across the SQL Server community. In...
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Overview of DBCC CheckDB Function

Database administration

Introduction Regular database maintenance is an important part of a Database Administrator’s job which helps to ensure that critically...
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How to Copy SQL Server Databases from One Instance to Another

Database administration, Database Optimization & Structure

Copying or moving databases is one of the most common tasks for data professionals who regularly deal with deploying scripts or new...
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