Reset the Root Password of MySQL on Windows

12:20 Database administation, Security

When we install MySQL on Windows, we usually specify the password of the root user. This helps keep...
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Understanding SQL Server Security Function HAS_Permis_BY_Name and Its USE Cases

09:45 Database administation, Security

There are multiple instances when we want to check the permission on a securable for a principal. Before going ahead, let’s see what...
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Manage Transaction Concurrency Using Locks in SQL Server

11:07 Database administation, Security

In a multi-user environment, it is essential to maintain truncation concurrency. These locks are in-memory structures of 96 bytes in size....
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Understanding SQL Server Lockdown to Secure Database Environment

10:27 Database administation, Security

Security is the main concern these days in every sector. Database Security is also a major worry...
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Connecting a Bastion Server to a PostgreSQL Server via SSH Tunnel

09:38 Database administation, Security

PostgreSQL is a well-known relational database management system that boasts a secure environment for developers and users. But as remote...
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Deploying a Certificate for Encrypted Connection SQL Server

15:02 Database administation, Security

Introduction Last year we got a requirement to ensure encrypted connections to our SQL Server instances. Before, we did not think it was...
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Using Alerts and Operators in SQL Server

02:06 Database administation, Database Optimization & Structure, Security

Introduction With all the advancements in SQL Server and data, it feels great that such native SQL...
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Understanding SQL Server Always Encrypted

00:26 Database administation, Security

Security is one of the most important requirements for a data-driven system. Encryption is one of the ways to secure the data. Wikipedia...
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In-depth Exploration of Row Level Security

17:59 Database administation, Security

Introduction Organizations are becoming more and more concerned about how to reduce the cost of licensing database solutions using...
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Introduction to Row-Level Security in SQL Server

11:56 Database administation, Security

Why Row Level Security Matters? Prior to SQL Server 2016, table-level security was the default...
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