Essentials and usage of NOLOCK hint in SQL Server

19:20 Database administation, Security

The main idea of the SQL Server locking mechanism is that it controls the consistency of...
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Main concept of SQL Server locking

16:54 Database administation, Security

In this post, we will discuss the SQL Server lock mechanism and how to monitor SQL Server locking with SQL Server standard dynamic...
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Oracle Database Security: Database Auditing

18:19 Database administation, Security

In this article, I will continue with Oracle Database Security and I will present some important facts about standard database auditing,...
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Database Security in Oracle

15:32 Database administation, Security

There is no secret that information makes the world go around currently. If an enterprise takes...
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Oracle Database Security – Encryption and Decryption

22:05 Database administation, Security

Data encryption is very important because it’s a way to protect the current and the archived data in order to ensure its confidentiality....
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Setting Database Access Permissions

16:47 Database administation, Security

Server security mainly depends on how correctly you can configure access permissions on objects. Providing a user with excessive...
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Transparent Data Encryption and Always Encrypted

09:17 Database administation, Security

If you need to store confidential data in your database, you can use data encryption. SQL Server...
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SQL Server Security Ponderings

15:16 Database administation, Security

DBA is the guardian of the data, and there are two aspects of being a guardian. The first one is integrity. It includes tasks like checking...
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Tips for Read/Write Locks Depending on Transaction Isolation Level in MSSQL

14:54 Database administation, Security

Read Uncommitted If data is being changed in one transaction, selection of this data (in other transaction or without a transaction) will...
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SQL Server Database Backup Encryption

15:55 Database administation, Security

To manage the data security that has been backed up by the file system as a database backup files,...
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