How to Create and Deploy Azure Database for MySQL Server using Azure Portal and Workbench

Azure, Cloud, Database development, MySQL

This article describes the step-by-step deployment process of the Azure Database for MySQL Server....
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MySQL Insert Command vs T-SQL Query Syntax with Examples

Database development, Languages & Coding, MySQL, Statements, T-SQL

Developers are lifelong students. Gaining new knowledge as fast as we can is always our gig. If you’re coming from the T-SQL camp,...
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MySQL Create View, Replace View and Drop View Statements with Examples

Database development, MySQL, Statements, Views

An SQL view is a virtual table or a result-set generated by the SELECT query. Unlike physical tables, views do not store data in a...
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CREATE TABLE MySQL vs T-SQL with Syntax Examples

Database development, MySQL, Statements, T-SQL, Tables

Are you a T-SQL developer learning the basics of MySQL? Then, one of the things you might want to...
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Virtual Columns and Functional Indexes

Database development, Indexes, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Tables

Much too often, we see poorly written complex SQL queries running against the database tables. Such queries may take a very short or a very...
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Understanding MySQL TRUNCATE TABLE by Practical Examples

Database development, MySQL, Statements, Tables

MySQL TRUNCATE TABLE statement is a DDL statement used for removing all records from the MySQL table. When we run this command, it drops...
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10 Best MySQL GUI Tools

MySQL, Tools & technologies, Utilities & Extensions

MySQL is among most widely-used and popular database technologies, so quite a lot of tools have...
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Structured Query Language – Importance of learning SQL

Database administration, Database development, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server • One Comment

Computer programming language is a set of detailed instructions for computers or machines for performing specific actions. Through a...
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Pivot Tables in MySQL

Database development, MySQL, Tables • One Comment

Briefly about Pivot tables This article deals with the transformation of table data from rows to columns. Such transformation is called...
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