Best FREE SQL Server Tools for Database Developers and Administrators!

Tools & technologies • One Comment

This article provides a comprehensive list of the best SQL Server FREE tools for database...
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Lightweight Code Review

Code Management, Tools & technologies • One Comment

This is the third article in a series of articles that describe code review process. In this part, we will have a look at the lightweight...
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EFFECTIVE CODE REVIEW: Formal Approach to the Process

Code Management

Formal Approach to Code Review This is the second article in a series of articles that describe the whys and hows of the code review...
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Database development, Statements

Have you ever accidentally executed the TRUNCATE command on a wrong table? This will lead to all...
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Iterating Over JavaScript Arrays

Basics of JavaScript, Languages & Coding

Iterating Over Arrays The article describes ES5 and ES6 approaches to iterate over javascript arrays and array-like objects!...
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SQL Server Transaction Log — Part 1

Database administation, Transaction Log • One Comment

Every SQL Server database contains one or more transaction log files in addition to data files. Log files record all transactions and...
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С# Nuances: foreach

Basics of C#, Languages & Coding

You may have been asked a question on a job interview: “What needs to be done to make your class...
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Retrieving SQL Server Metadata with Help of T-SQL

Languages & Coding, T-SQL • 2 Comments

This article contains a list of scripts that mine the SQL Server metadata in the various system functions, stored procedures, tables, and...
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Active Directory vs Azure Active Directory

Azure, Cloud

Active Directory traditionally used to manage elements of a domain-based network. But companies increasingly implement various cloud...
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C# Powerful String Functions

Basics of C#, Languages & Coding

The .NET Framework provides a set of powerful string functions. These building blocks can be used...
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