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SQL Server Index Backward Scan: Understanding, Tuning

Database development, Indexes

Table indexing strategy is one of the most important performance tuning and optimization keys. In...
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Database Optimization: Indexes

Database administration, Database development, Database Optimization & Structure, Indexes

I noticed that very few people understand how indexes work in SQL Server, especially Included Columns. Nevertheless, indexes are the great...
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Query Optimization in PostgreSQL. EXPLAIN Basics – Part 2

Database development, PostgreSQL, Statements

In my previous article, we started to describe the basics of the EXPLAIN command and analyzed what happens in PostgreSQL when executing a...
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Troubleshooting long running queries in MS SQL Server

Database administration, Troubleshooting Issues • One Comment

Preface There is an information system that I administer. The system consists of the following...
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SQL Server In-Memory OLTP: The Basics

Database administration, Memory Optimization

This is the first article in a series of articles about In-Memory OLTP. It helps you to understand how the new Hekaton engine works...
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Retrieving SQL Server Metadata with Help of T-SQL

Languages & Coding, T-SQL • 2 Comments

This article contains a list of scripts that mine the SQL Server metadata in the various system functions, stored procedures, tables, and...
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