How to Download and Install SQL Server Express Edition?

SQL Server is Microsoft’s premier database management system that we can use to develop relational databases. It also offers support for graph databases. Depending on the services offered, SQL Server comes in various editions, such as Enterprise, Standard, Personal, Developer, Express, etc.

In this article, we’ll deal with the SQL Server Express 2019, a free edition of SQL server commonly used for developing desktop, web, and small-scale server applications. We’ll clarify how to download, install, and configure it. Along the way, we’ll also illustrate how to install and use SQL Server Management Studio which is an easy-to-use GUI-based tool for managing SQL Server databases.

CodingSight - Installing and Configuring SQL Server Express Edition
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Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition Limitations and Versions

What is SQL Server Express?

SQL Server Express Edition is a free edition of SQL Server. Microsoft provides it for educational purposes as well as minor use cases. Students, hobbyists, and startups can use this edition to implement projects that do not require advanced features of SQL Server.

This article will examine the functionality of the SQL Server Express edition. But before we proceed to explore it, we’ll try to understand the concept of versions and editions in SQL Server.

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SQL Server Express Edition: Installation, Benefits, and Limitations

The SQL Server Express edition is a free version of SQL Server 2019. You can use it to deploy small applications and websites and monitor the database mirroring instances. It also serves as a back-end of the third-party software. For example, if you plan to set up an SQL Server monitoring tool, and the data retention period does not exceed a week or two, you can use the Express edition to save the license cost.

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