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Difference Between DELETE and TRUNCATE Table in SQL Server

Database development, Statements, Tables

Many articles have been written to describe the difference between the SQL DELETE and SQL TRUNCATE...
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Use Cases for SQL Server MERGE Statement: Syncing Online and History Tables

Database development, SQL Server, Statements, Tables

INTRODUCTION The SQL Server MERGE statement is an incredibly useful tool for carrying out DML operations based on comparing two tables or...
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Your Ultimate Guide to SQL Join: CROSS JOIN – Part 3

Database development, Programming, T-SQL, Tables

CROSS JOIN is in the spotlight. This article finishes our small series of SQL JOIN-related publications. If you missed the previous two...
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Add Columns to an Existing Table in SQL Server Database

Database development, Tables

Introduction A table is a two-dimensional logical structure and the fundamental means of storing...
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Your Ultimate Guide to SQL Joins: OUTER JOIN – Part 2

Database development, Tables, Work with data

Outer join is at the center stage today. And this is part 2 of your ultimate guide to SQL joins. If you missed part 1, here’s the...
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The Easy Guide on How to Use Subqueries in SQL Server

Database development, Statements • One Comment

Do you use SQL subqueries or avoid using them? Let’s say the chief credit and collections officer asks you to list down the names of...
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Filtering Data in T-SQL

Languages & Coding, T-SQL

Introduction In most scenarios when working with data, users do not require all the data in each...
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Auto Create Statistics and Auto Update Statistics

Languages & Coding, SSMS, T-SQL, Tools & technologies

Statistics comprises lightweight objects that are used by SQL Server Query optimizer to determine the optimal way to retrieve data from the...
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Advanced SQL: Variations and Different Use cases of T-SQL Insert Statement

Database development, Languages & Coding, Statements, T-SQL

In my previous article, I demonstrated: Insert the output of the table-valued function in the SQL table. Insert the output of the...
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SQL Server Bulk Insert – Part 2

Constraints, Database development, Triggers

In the previous part of this article, we discussed how to import CSV files to SQL Server with the...
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