Author: Manvendra Singh

Manvendra has 15 years of experience in the database domain where he has worked on various critical deliveries like heterogeneous migration of SAP databases from AIXOracle platform to WindowsSQL Server, On Prem to Cloud migrations, Database consolidation projects and various HA & DR implementations.

Restoring SQL Server Data Warehouse Sample Database AdventureWorksDW2019 Using Azure Data Studio

11:01 Azure, Cloud

I explained a step-by-step process to restore the data warehouse sample database AdventureWorks DW...
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Restoring Sample DW Database AdventureWorksDW2019

14:02 Database administation

Sometimes, we need a sample database that has all the required objects along with a large set of data inside the database for our various...
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How to Use SQL Server T-SQL Function SUM: 5 Use Cases

09:43 Database development, Statements

The T-SQL SUM function is one of the fundamental functions. Its purpose is to calculate the sum of all values in the specified column –...
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Azure SQL Elastic Pool – Understanding and Creating

08:17 Azure, Cloud

Microsoft Azure offers many PAAS services for addressing the database requirements based on the...
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Understanding SQL Server Security Function HAS_Permis_BY_Name and Its USE Cases

09:45 Database administation, Security

There are multiple instances when we want to check the permission on a securable for a principal. Before going ahead, let’s see what...
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Understanding SQL Server Lockdown to Secure Database Environment

10:27 Database administation, Security

Security is the main concern these days in every sector. Database Security is also a major worry for any customer. SQL Server is designed...
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How to Change Server Level Collation of Running SQL Server Instance

09:05 Database administation, Work with data

In my previous article I have explained the basics of SQL Server Collation. I would suggest you...
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Understanding the Database Level Collation and Impact of Changing it for a Database

14:13 Database administation, SQL Server, Work with data • One Comment

When you develop an application or write a code in the SQL database system, it is crucial to understand how data will be sorted and...
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How to Get SQL Server Statistics Information Using System Statistical Functions

13:05 Database administation, Database development, Database Optimization & Structure, Stored Procedures

Often, we need to gather system statistics regarding running SQL Server Instances, such as the number of total connections attempted to SQL...
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Configure SQL Server Always ON Availability Groups between Two Synchronous Replicas. Part 2

11:55 Availability Groups, Database administation

We already covered some theory about configuring Always ON Availability Groups for Linux-based SQL...
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