How to Install SQL Server 2019 on Ubuntu 18.04 Linux System Step by Step

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After exploring the processes of building a virtual machine to install Ubuntu Linux 18.04 there, and installing this OS in practice, we come to the primary goal. It is installing the SQL Server instance on our new Ubuntu Linux. If you don’t have the OS in question installed and configured yet, do it, following the step-by-step guideline in the previous article about installing Ubuntu 18.04 on a virtual machine. Now we can proceed to the task of installing SQL Server 2019 in that environment.

CodingSight - Installing Ubuntu on Linux
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Installing Ubuntu 18.04 for SQL Server 2019 on Virtual Machine Using VMware Workstation

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Microsoft has been supporting SQL Server for Linux-based operating systems since the SQL Server 2017 release. The current article will focus on installing one of the popular Linux operating system Ubuntu 18.04 and describe the process step by step. The goal is to install the latest SQL Server 2019 on this operating system. We have to perform each step correctly to configure SQL Server 2019 in your production environment or set up your own lab.

CodingSight - Installing Ubuntu for SQL
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