Author: Philipp Zhenov

Philipp expertly writes articles on technical topics. He has an extensive experience with both large companies and small businesses in the field of IT, engineering and mechanical engineering.

SQL Cheat Sheet: What is SQL, SQL Commands, and SQL Injection

11:04 Database development, Statements

Using Structured Query Language (SQL) can seem complicated at first, but further, it will become...
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Spark SQL – the Most Important Tool for a Big Data Engineer

10:44 Frameworks, Languages & Coding

Understanding Spark SQL is extremely helpful for analyzing big data, especially when you’re working with the Spark platform. But what...
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How to Make the Best Use of Comment Function in MySQL

13:00 Database development, Statements

Comments are used to add information to the code. It is mostly ignored by the compiler, but human specialists can read those comments when...
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How to Write Complex Queries in SQL

10:42 Database development, Statements

Typical queries in the SELECT * FROM table format are sometimes not enough. When the data for a...
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Hash What? Understanding Hash Indexes

11:40 Database development, Indexes

Hash indexes are an integral part of databases. If you’ve ever used a database, chances are that you have seen them in action without...
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The Cartesian Product in SQL

10:33 Database development, Tables

Cartesian product in SQL is a term from the set theory of mathematics. However, we can also find this term in SQL database manuals. What...
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