Transaction Log

Automatic Deletion of Forgotten Transactions in MS SQL Server

15:29 Automation, Database administation, Transaction Log

Introduction It is often the case when an MS SQL Server transaction is being forgotten by the...
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Importance of transaction log in SQL Server

19:00 Database administation, Transaction Log

Transaction logs are a vital and important component of database architecture. In this article, we’ll discuss SQL Server transaction...
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Fixing Data Loss Using Log Shipping with Delayed Recovery

15:44 Database administation, Transaction Log, Troubleshooting Issues

Introduction Transaction Log Shipping is a very well-known technology used in SQL Server to maintain a copy of the live database in the...
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Understanding Transactions in SQL

17:32 Database administation, Transaction Log • 2 Comments

A transaction in SQL is a unit of execution that groups one or more tasks together. A transaction...
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The Lost Update Problem in Concurrent Transactions

14:00 Database administation, Transaction Log, Troubleshooting Issues

The lost update problem occurs when 2 concurrent transactions try to read and update the same data. Let’s understand this with the help...
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SQL Server Transaction Log — Part 2

17:05 Database administation, Transaction Log

This is the second article in the series dedicated to SQL Server transaction log and its specificities. Here we are going to examine the...
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SQL Server Transaction Log — Part 1

16:08 Database administation, Transaction Log • One Comment

Every SQL Server database contains one or more transaction log files in addition to data files. Log...
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