Customer Segmentation with Data Flow in Oracle Analytics

Customer Segmentation Analysis is a popular business issue, especially in Retail domain, where companies need to discover the data and group customers based on customer attributes, such demographics and customer transactions. The results of customer segmentation analysis let the retailers understand the customers’ behavior and create effective campaigns.

This tutorial will describe the usage of Data Flow in Oracle Analytics for resolving the Customer Segmentation problem (the data is hosted in Autonomous Data Warehouse).

CodingSight - Customer Segmentation with Data Flow in Oracle Analytics
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Setting Up the Data Flow in Oracle Analytics

The traditional approach to the transformation process (Extract, Load, Transform) requires that technical users get involved directly. They execute connection to data sources, the transformation of data, and provide final datasets to business users. The process often requires much time whenever business users ask for more information or due to changes/updates in business logic. Then, technical users have to revert datasets and transformations.

CodingSight - Build Data Flow with Oracle Analytics
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