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Сreating a Virtual Machine With Oracle VM Virtual Box

Availability Groups, Database administration, Tools & technologies

Microsoft announced cross-platform support of SQL Server – the SQL Server 2017 and SQL Server...
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How to Make Use of SQL Server Graph Database Features

Code Management, Tools & technologies

Would SQL Server graph database features fit your next project? While you may not know the definitive answer right now, you might be...
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SQL Database Administrator Interview Tips

Database administration

Interview is the most significant step of SQL database administrator recruitment. During the interview, a technical person or interviewer...
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Docker and SQL Server on Linux

Containers, Docker, Tools & technologies

SQL Server 2017 is the biggest release and most important releases in the Microsoft product history...
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Implementing Failover in MS SQL Server 2017 Standard

Database administration

Introduction Often, we need to ensure fault tolerance of MS SQL Server DBMS, especially, when there is no Enterprise edition, but only the...
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SQL Server Database Scoped Configurations and Automatic Plan Correction

Automation, Database administration, Performance Tuning

In this article, we will examine Database Scoped Configurations and SQL Server 2017 Automatic Plan Correction. Microsoft added new features...
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Getting Started with SQL Server 2017 on Linux in the Azure portal

Azure, Cloud, Database development

SQL Server 2017 now is considered as a hybrid database enterprise solution as it expands its...
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