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SQL JOINs Tutorial with Examples

10:18 Database development, Statements

In this article, we are going to takes a close look at SQL Server JOINs. We will review all...
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What is MySQL ENUM? (Top 12 Key Facts You Need to Know)

10:53 Database administation, Work with data

MySQL ENUM is a string data type with a value chosen from a list of permitted values. You set these permitted values during table creation...
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Top-10 SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) Add-ins You Should Use in 2021

13:28 Tools & technologies, Utilities & Extensions

If you deal with SQL infrastructure, especially Microsoft SQL Servers, you deal with SSMS. The SQL Server Management Studio is the default...
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DevOps Solutions for Database Development Automation

03:29 Programming, SQL Server

What is DevOps? Database DevOps is a philosophy that comprises the following concepts: automating...
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10 Best MySQL GUI Tools

02:28 Tools & technologies, Utilities & Extensions

MySQL is among most widely-used and popular database technologies, so quite a lot of tools have been created in order to make the processes...
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How to Automate the Process of SQL Server Database Schema Synchronization

01:04 Automation, Database administation, PowerShell

The goal Keeping two databases in sync is a task we often encounter when working on SQL database development and maintenance. One...
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Bulk Insert Data Files Into SQL Server

18:57 Database administation, Work with data

According to Wikipedia, the bulk insert is a process or method provided by a database management...
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Counting references to a record in a table via Foreign Keys

08:27 Constraints, Database development

I have recently needed to solve the task for my own purpose: to calculate the number of external records linked by a foreign key for each...
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SQL Server: Useful Tips for Newbies

17:31 Database development

In this article, we will discuss typical errors that newbie developers may face with while designing T-SQL code. In addition, we will have...
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XML performance tips

10:27 Database administation, Perfomance Tuning

Parsing data from XML using XQuery is a routine practice. In order to do this most effectively,...
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