Migrating SQL Server Database to Azure SQL (PaaS)

13:44 Azure, Cloud

In this article, we will highlight SQL Server Data migration to Azure SQL (PaaS).  You can...
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Azure Cosmos DB Analysis

16:07 Azure

Azure Cosmos DB is the first globally distributed, multi-model database service for building world-scale applications. Over the years, it...
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Choosing Azure SQL Purchase Model and Service Tier

13:38 Azure, Cloud

When we are beginning to think of migrating our on-premises databases to Azure SQL, we have to decide on a proper purchase model, a service...
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Configuring Azure SQL Long-term Backup Retention

19:29 Azure, Cloud

Backup is the most important case for database administration because it provides business...
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Azure SQL Geo-Replication and Failover Groups

16:51 Azure, Cloud

Azure SQL offers different types of business continuity solutions. One of these solutions is Geo-Replication that provides an asynchronous...
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Getting Started with SQL Server 2017 on Linux in the Azure portal

11:11 Azure, Cloud, Database development

SQL Server 2017 now is considered as a hybrid database enterprise solution as it expands its market and is ported to other operating...
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Monitoring Azure SQL Database with Azure SQL Analytics

18:11 Azure, Cloud

The most important and challenging responsibility of a database administrator is monitoring...
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Creating Simple Linear Regression in Azure Machine Learning

18:18 Azure, Cloud

In today’s world, it is not enough to simply analyze data, create reports or develop business intelligence projects. To discover the...
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Working with SQL Server in Hybrid Cloud Scenarios

09:06 Azure, Cloud

A hybrid cloud is a fairly attractive model when implementing cloud computing in enterprise information systems, as this approach combines...
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Azure SSAS. Cubes in Clouds

13:21 Azure, Cloud

Autumn of 2016 was full of events from Microsoft dedicated to analytics. In practice, the company...
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