Developing Azure DevOps Extension

14:21 Azure, Cloud, Tools & technologies, Utilities & Extensions

Introduction Azure DevOps Services provides a lot of space for importing your custom extension....
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How to install SQL Server vNext and Azure data studio on Ubuntu 18.04

03:04 Azure, Cloud

Azure data studio is a cross-platform database management tool. This tool is used to connect, configure, and administrate SQL Server...
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Applying SQL Transformations and Handling Missing Values in Azure ML

23:45 Azure, Cloud

In this article, we will introduce SQL transformations in action. We will also see how to handle missing values in our dataset. Consider a...
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Microsoft Azure Vs Amazon Web Services: What’s your Ultimate Choice?

01:02 AWS, Cloud

Have you heard the term cloud computing? Do you wish to try your hands on cloud platforms? Well, if...
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Microsoft Graph or Azure Active Directory Graph API: Which is better?

03:30 Azure, Cloud

Are you a .NET developer who is stuck in great confusion when it comes to choosing Azure Active Directory or Microsoft Graph? We all have...
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How to Test Azure Web Application Performance through Microsoft Azure and Visual Studio

16:39 Azure, Cloud, Tools & technologies, Visual Studio

Before deploying your application into production, doing a performance load test is imperative for measuring future performance and ensure...
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How SQL Server 2016 Took Azure SQL Data Warehouse to Next Level

16:28 Azure, Cloud

Azure SQL DW (SQL Data Warehouse) is a massively parallel, petabyte-scale, cloud solution for data...
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Migrating SQL Server Database to Azure SQL (PaaS)

13:44 Azure, Cloud

In this article, we will highlight SQL Server Data migration to Azure SQL (PaaS).  You can find different approaches for this...
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Azure Cosmos DB Analysis

16:07 Azure

Azure Cosmos DB is the first globally distributed, multi-model database service for building world-scale applications. Over the years, it...
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Choosing Azure SQL Purchase Model and Service Tier

13:38 Azure, Cloud

When we are beginning to think of migrating our on-premises databases to Azure SQL, we have to...
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