Database development

SQL OR Statement: The Basics

10:23 Database development, Statements

Now and then, you need to create a complex SQL query using multiple statements together. While...
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How to Use SQL SUM Function

10:01 Database development, Statements

SQL is a powerful and widely-used programming language for data storage, retrieval, and manipulation. One of the most commonly-used...
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Stored Procedure to Get Database Tables Information

10:30 Database development, Stored Procedures

As SQL Server DBAs, we always take care of one of the most important things for the business, the data. In some cases, applications can get...
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How to Use REPLACE in SQL

10:12 Database development, Statements

When querying data with SQL, the need to manipulate string-based results is very common. There are...
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Stored Procedure to Get Indexes Status in All Databases

10:54 Database development, Stored Procedures

As SQL Server DBAs, we’ve heard that index structures can dramatically improve the performance of any given query (or set of queries)....
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SQL BETWEEN-Smart Tips to Scan for a Range of Values

10:50 Database development, Statements

SQL BETWEEN is an operator used to specify a range of values to test. The returned value can be inclusive or within the range. Or it can be...
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SQL ORDER BY: The 5 Do’s and Don’ts to Sort Data Like a Pro

10:24 Database development, Statements

Ugly. That’s what unsorted data looks like. We make data easy for the eyes by sorting them. And...
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Overview of T-SQL PRINT Statement

09:57 Database development, Statements

PRINT statements are crucial in any programming language. They will allow the routine or program that you are running to dump some type of...
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SQL GROUP BY- 3 Easy Tips to Group Results Like a Pro

08:56 Database development, SQL Server, Statements

Grouping is an important feature that helps organize and arrange data. There are a lot of ways to do it, and one of the most effective...
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Install and Configure XAMPP Software on Windows Server 2019

12:56 Database development, Tools & technologies • One Comment

XAMPP is a cross-platform web server used to develop and test programs and web applications,...
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