Analysis of MS SQL Server for those who see it for the first time – Part 1

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Ive recently encountered a problem – SVN went down on ubuntu server. I develop for Windows and I do not have much experience with Linux. I googled the errorwithout success. The error turned out to be the most typical one (the server unexpectedly closed the connection) and does not indicate anything. Therefore, it was necessary to go deeper and analyze logs/settings/rights/etc.

Finally, I figured out the mistake and found everything I needed, but I spent a lot of time. After solving this problem, I thought about how to reduce the uselessly spent hours and decided to write an article that will help people quickly get the understanding of the unfamiliar software.

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Configuring Database Mail Notifications in MS SQL Server

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Often, there is a need to somehow inform administrators about the problems with a server. Notifications are generally divided into 2 types:

1) real-time notifications, i.e. those that must come immediately when a problem occurs

2) delayed notifications, i.e. those that come after a fairly long time (more than 1 hour) after a problem occurs. Read More

SQL Server Security Ponderings – Part 2 | Database owner + TRUSTWORTHY

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This article is the second one of the three articles devoted to a particular security configuration combination of database security.

In my previous article, I presented a scenario in which we were able to compromise data in a SQL Server database.

I would like to note that the knowledge of this configuration combination is critical. In this article, I am going to provide further information and reasons for the importance of this issue. Read More

Automatic Data Collection of Database Schema Changes in MS SQL Server

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Have you ever faced a situation when you need to make changes in a stored procedure or a view very quickly? I have, very often, especially at the implementation stage. Unfortunately, a version control system cannot help in this case. Still, how could I understand that something has been modified, and when?

This article describes a possible solution for automatic data collection about database schema changes in MS SQL Server. As usual, I will be glad to hear any alternative solutions.

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Automatic Deletion of Stuck Processes in MS SQL Server

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There are situations when applications keep the database connection for a long period of time. It seems to be not important. However, if this application makes many connections or there are several applications with such behavior — things are getting worse.

This article is not a tutorial. It describes possible solutions to this issue. As usual, I will be glad to hear any alternative solutions.

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