Import JSON Data with SQL Developer Web into Autonomous Database

Twitter Activity provides loads of information for analysis. You can learn your target audience better, determine the most popular content, check the right time when your visitors are more active, etc. By getting the Twitter Activity data and putting it into the advanced analytical systems, you can correlate that data with other essential information from different sources. The prospects are tremendous.

In this article, we’ll explore the case of importing the Twitter data with the help of SQL Developer Web into an Autonomous Database. The imported Twitter dataset is in JSON format. Thus, you’ll need to work on how to import JSON data into Autonomous Database.

CodingSight - Import JSON Data with SQL Developer Web & Autonomous Database
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Introduction to Advanced Analytics Features in Oracle Analytics

Advanced Analytics is a mandatory trend for Business Intelligence platforms and Self-service Analytics tools. It offers a set of statistic functions and algorithms, such as trending, forecast, etc. They help business users, analysts, and others specialists to deep dive into data insights for making better business decisions.

The current article is the first part of the series dedicated to the usage of Advanced Analytics with Oracle Analytics and data hosted in Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW). It is not going to cover all the details about statistic functions, algorithms, or probability functions. We are going to discover prebuilt Advanced Analytics features developed in Oracle Analytics.

CodingSight - Advanced Analytics with Oracle Analytics Part 1
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Oracle Data Integrator Tutorial: How to Import Multiple Raw Files into Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

When you build an ETL / ELT enterprise system, you need the Data Integration tools, such as Microsoft SQL Server Integration Service, Oracle Data Integrator (ODI), Talend, etc. These tools help you to integrate, transform, and load data from the source to the destination location.

The current article is the Oracle Data Integrator tutorial, that will explain loading multiple datafiles into an Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW). This tool is an ELT (extract, load, transform) solution with a graphic interface, built by Oracle. It lets the users build, manage, and maintain the data integration process.

CodingSight - Importing Data into an Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse using Oracle Data Integrator

In our case study, the system receives the Sales data files from a database. The Oracle Data Integrator needs to pick up all data files to load into the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.  

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Sales Analysis with Power BI Desktop and Autonomous Database

Power BI Desktop is a business analytics service by Microsoft. It offers interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities with a simple interface, letting the end-users create reports and dashboards.

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) is a fully managed and high-performance solution, turned and optimized for Data Warehouse workload. It means you don’t need to take more effort and resources (DBA role) to manage the database and optimize the workload.

The current article describes the process of creating a Sales Analysis with Power BI Desktop and data hosted in Oracle Autonomous Database.

CodingSight - Sales Analysis with Power BI Desktop and Autonomous Database
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