Tag: visualization

Working with Power BI Slicer

13:56 Business intelligence, Power BI

Power BI is a data analytics and interpretation tool developed by Microsoft. With Power BI, you can...
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Pivoting, Unpivoting, and Splitting Columns in Power BI Query Editor

13:18 Database development, Tables, Tools & technologies, Utilities & Extensions

For reference, Power BI is a data visualization and analytics software developed by Microsoft. Power BI can be used for static as well as...
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Formatting Data in Power BI Desktop Visualizations

14:15 Business intelligence, Power BI, Work with data

Microsoft’s Power BI is a data analytics tool that can be used for interactive data visualization, using data from various sources such...
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Implementing Hierarchies in Power BI Desktop Visualizations

14:35 Business intelligence, Power BI

For starters, Microsoft Power BI is one of the most commonly used data analytics and visualization...
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