Author: Dung Dinh

BI Specialist, Data Modelling, working as Oracle Consultant in Oracle Cloud.

Prediction of Employee Attrition with Oracle Analytics

11:38 Business intelligence, Oracle BI

From the Customer Segmentation tutorial, you already know that Oracle Analytics provides several...
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Query Google’s Financial Service Using Oracle Data Integrator

10:57 Tools & technologies

RESTful API is a popular protocol for exchanging data between different applications and systems especially in Web applications. Most...
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Query JSON Data with SQL/JSON Functions & Autonomous Database

12:07 JSON, Languages & Coding

In the previous article, we worked on the Twitter Activity dataset in JSON format with the SQL Developer Web tool in Autonomous Database....
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Create an Upload & Download Application with Oracle Application Express (APEX) and Autonomous Database

11:30 Code Management, Tools & technologies

Oracle APEX (Oracle Application Express) is a web-based software development system that runs on an...
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Customer Segmentation with Data Flow in Oracle Analytics

16:48 Business intelligence, Oracle BI, Uncategorized

Customer Segmentation Analysis is a popular business issue, especially in Retail domain, where companies need to discover the data and...
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Import JSON Data with SQL Developer Web into Autonomous Database

13:22 JSON, Languages & Coding

Twitter Activity provides loads of information for analysis. You can learn your target audience better, determine the most popular content,...
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Financial Dashboard With Oracle Visualization Desktop

11:50 Business intelligence, Oracle BI

Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) is a single cloud-based platform for data preparation, in-depth...
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Using Data Flow to Build Sentiment Analysis in Oracle Analytics

11:11 Business intelligence, Oracle BI

This is the second part of the article dedicated to working with Data Flow in Oracle Analytics when the data is hosted in Oracle Autonomous...
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Setting Up the Data Flow in Oracle Analytics

11:37 Business intelligence, Oracle BI

The traditional approach to the transformation process (Extract, Load, Transform) requires that technical users get involved directly. They...
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Advanced Analytics with Oracle Data Analytics – Handling with Express Builder Functionality

10:25 Business intelligence, Oracle BI

This article completes the series of posts dedicated to Advanced Analytics with Oracle Data...
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