Languages & Coding

Entity Framework – Just a Few Clicks Away

09:01 Frameworks, Languages & Coding

Entity Framework is an open-source object-relational mapping (ORM) framework for .NET applications....
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Different flavors of LINQ queries

09:56 Languages & Coding

The current article continues the series about LINQ. The previous part introduced the LINQ technologies and demonstrated its usage on some...
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A PowerShell Tool to Get the Status of SQL Agent Jobs

09:48 Languages & Coding, PowerShell, Tools & technologies

From a certain point in my career, I started to play around with PowerShell. But I never imagined that it would become such an essential...
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Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) Tutorial: How to Import Files into Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW)

10:25 Languages & Coding, Programming

When you build an ETL / ELT enterprise system, you need the Data Integration tools, such as...
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MySQL UPDATE: Top 5 Tips for T-SQL Developers

10:48 Database development, Languages & Coding, Statements, T-SQL

Are you adding MySQL to your list of database skillsets? Then MySQL UPDATE statement is one of the commands you need to learn. We are...
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Creation of Pandas DataFrame in Python with Examples

14:00 Database administation, Frameworks, Languages & Coding, Work with data

Python is a multi-purpose programming language developed by Guido van Rossum in the late 1980s. Today, it is widely used in software...
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What is LINQ in C#? Why Do we Use it? Tutorial with Query Examples in LINQ to Objects

14:55 Basics of C#, Languages & Coding

Less is more – this is definitely true when it comes to object collections and LINQ queries....
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3 Methods to Rebuild All Indexes for All Tables with T-SQL in SQL Server Database

12:36 Database development, Indexes, Languages & Coding, T-SQL, Tables

There are several methods of how to rebuild all indexes of all tables in SQL Server, among them: Using SQL Server maintenance plans. Using...
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22 Different T-SQL Indexes Examples to Warp Speed Your Queries

13:30 Database administation, Database development, Indexes, Languages & Coding, Perfomance Tuning, T-SQL

Indexing the database tables is one of the ways to up your game in tuning queries. How do you do it? Today’s post will give you 22 SQL...
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How to Easily Get Data from Web Source Using Power BI Rest API Calls

15:57 Business intelligence, JSON, Languages & Coding, Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a data visualization and analytics tool which lets you create powerful...
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